Half-Day Workshop

Refining Your Public Speaking & Presentation Skills

Each package provides participants with a solid understanding of best practices when addressing clients, internal teams or large audiences. Attendees gain the physical experience of presenting to a group and get valuable insight around their own specific challenges. Each attendee gives a 1-2 minute speech, and then repeats it after the benefit of live coaching. We use video so they can see their progress. The group setting allows each person to see others learn and improve, which is both instructional and inspiring.

Groups are limited to 8 or less to ensure individual attention. A 30-minute pre-workshop consultation with a manager / HR representative will help tailor the training to the specific needs of the participants.

Standard Workshop Format

  • 4 hour session
  • 8 attendees
  • $2995

I had the opportunity to attend Bill Smartt’s Executive Presence workshop...Bill’s approach is fun and impactful. I have applied his insightful tips and tricks in all I do.
— Joanna Goldsmith, Vice President at Credit Suisse

Multi-Session Programs

Our multi-session programs start with a half-day session that includes identification of specific challenges for each attendee, individualized live coaching, and video feedback.

Follow up packages allow participants to reinforce best practices learned in the first half-day session and gives them a chance to bring in real world material and build skills over time. Clients frequently add one-on-one coaching to personalize this learning experience.

Two-Week Package

  • 4 hour group workshop (week one)
  • 2 hour group follow up session (week two)
  • 8 attendees
  • $4595

Three-Week Package

  • 4 hour group workshop (week one)
  • 2 hour group follow up (week two)
  • Individual 30 min coaching sessions (week three)
  • 8 attendees
  • $6495

Four-Week Package

  • 4 hour group workshop (week one)
  • 2 hour group follow up (week two)
  • Individual 30 min coaching sessions (week three)
  • 2 hour group rehearsal + 1 hour final presentation to larger audience (week four)
  • 8 attendees
  • $7995


Presentation Skills Seminar

This interactive seminar builds public speaking skills for presenting to an intimate group or large audience. 

Starting with the premise that speaking to groups is a natural extension of conversations we have every day, we demystify the process of public speaking, breaking it down into concepts that are easy to understand with solutions that are simple to implement. 

Exploring the root causes of the nerves and anxiety that can accompany speaking publicly, we go beyond theory to provide practical steps that enable attendees to make substantial progress quickly. Attendees will walk away with real solutions to common dilemmas and tactical tips for their next talk.  

Seminars longer than 1 hour include group exercises, peer feedback, and laser coaching.

Topics Covered

  • Connecting authentically with audiences
  • Preparation strategies and managing jitters
  • Physical and mental exercises that build confidence
  • Projecting expertise and credibility
  • Storytelling basics

Standard Seminar Format

  • 1 hour, 1.5 hours, or 2 hour sessions
  • 12 - 200 attendees
  • $1995 - $2995

Bill was easy to connect with, extremely positive and encouraging, and had unique, actionable feedback for each person in the class. HIGHLY recommend him as a communication coach.
— Jay Melone, CEO @ DigitalXBridge (DXB)

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