Presentation Skills: Comprehensive Training (2 Days)

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Comprehensive Presentation Skills is a 2-day program that gives you and your team the required skills and confidence to create and deliver effective presentations. Learn how to create the message, how to be a good messenger, and how to leverage the right media and design for an impactful presentation.

Presentation Skills: Large Group Interactive Seminar

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This 1-2 hour interactive seminar goes beyond theory, providing practical steps to build public speaking skills whether attendees are leading teams, pitching ideas, or simply need increased leadership presence. Learn the building blocks of storytelling, engaging presentation techniques, and how to confidently handle audience Q&A.

Presentation Skills: Small Group Intensive

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In this fully interactive half-day seminar, you and your team learn how to refine your public speaking and presentation skills. Attendees get the physical experience of presenting to a group and, through video feedback, gain valuable insight about their own specific strengths and challenges.

Effective Leadership: How to Connect & Build Trust

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The skills of presence and influence are essential and fundamental to leading others and finding success. In this half day session, participants will learn how to use their presence to build relationships that influence the quality and work output of their team, their direct reports, and others within the larger organization.

How to Organize Your Content is a 2-hour workshop that teaches you and your team how to structure your thoughts and ideas in a clear and concise way. Learn how to communicate your content in a format that addresses the needs of your audience -- whether you’re pitching, leading a team, or communicating a new idea.

How to Organize Your Content

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Customized Programs

If you don’t see the exact workshop or seminar you are looking for, please fill out the Request Information form below and we will work together to build a customized program. We can tailor the content to your organization, include additional topics and skills, create different program lengths and formats, as well as offer follow-up sessions to make sure you and your team get the training you need.

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