What do Smartt Talk participants have to say?

99% of those who've participated in Smartt Talk workshops gave us a positive rating. 

– Based on post-workshop and post-seminar survey results


Our Approach

We believe that everyone can improve as speakers.

A big part of what we do at Smartt Talk is de-mystify the process of speaking publicly and encourage clients and workshop attendees to change the perception they have of themselves as “bad speakers.”

Most people have anxiety around speaking to groups because it’s such a personal, but at the same time public thing to get up and speak. You are ultimately presenting “the self” in front of a lot of people and it’s natural to feel as if you’re under a microscope and being judged. We all want to do well, and we put a tremendous amount of pressure on ourselves to be perfect. Add your co-workers and superiors into the mix and it’s easy to go down a road of sheer terror just thinking about it.

Since people dread it so much, they avoid preparing, then they have a bad experience when giving their presentation, and then just assume that this is because they’re inherently bad at public speaking.

At Smartt Talk, we emphasize that it’s absolutely normal to feel anxiety and have nerves when you’re addressing a group. Most people think that this is an indication that there’s something inherently wrong with them, but it’s a natural response to the situation. There’s an illusion on the part of the viewer that great speakers don’t get nervous, that they’re just “a natural.” Every good speaker will admit that they have nerves before they start their speeches. Some of the greatest actors speak of being almost ill before they start their performances. By understanding that this is a normal part of the process of presenting, you’ll avoid falling into the trap of defining yourself as “bad” at public speaking. And the more you deliver in front of groups, the less terrifying it becomes.


Bill Smartt

Meet Our Founder

Bill Smartt is known in New York and San Francisco as one of the most effective public speaking coaches practicing today.  He’s led presentation workshops at Spotify, Facebook, Foursquare, Time Warner, American Express, Credit Suisse, and a host of Fortune 500 companies.  He regularly provides customized individual coaching to business leaders in the fields of finance, advertising and technology. And he is active in the U.S. startup scene as a regular instructor at General Assembly, Brooklyn Brainery and other entrepreneurial campuses around the country. 

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