Client Story #4

The Art of Storytelling


Another one of the most powerful ways to connect with audiences is to get personal.  Even if the content doesn’t seem directly related at first glance, you can pull out themes or lessons to make your point. In some ways, the more offbeat the narrative, the better it is -- you will surprise and delight your audience when you dare to show an unexpected and authentic side of yourself.

Kenneth Jansson is a UX and Visual Designer for Offset, a new Shutterstock brand featuring a curated collection of absolutely amazing imagery. He had crafted a talk centered the design and roll out of this new brand, but there was so much to say, it was hard to see any clear, compelling thread. So we worked together to identify what could make a good story.

In earlier years, Kenneth worked as a professional dancer in Europe. We hit upon this as a unique way to tie together the various threads of his presentation: What were the things he learned as a dancer that also applied to the work he was doing with Offset?

The result? Kenneth’s presentation was transformed into an engaging, entertaining talk about flexibility, agility, and creativity. In other words, it was a great success!

I’ve been meaning to write and thank you for all your help. The talk went well in front of about 350 designers from all over. The dancer angle resonated with the audience, and I got laughs when I wanted them
— Kenneth, Smartt Talk Client

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