Presentation Skills Seminar

This interactive seminar builds public speaking skills for presenting to an intimate group or large audience. 

Starting with the premise that speaking to groups is a natural extension of conversations we have every day, we demystify the process of public speaking, breaking it down into concepts that are easy to understand with solutions that are simple to implement. 

Exploring the root causes of the nerves and anxiety that can accompany speaking publicly, we go beyond theory to provide practical steps that enable attendees to make substantial progress quickly. Attendees will walk away with real solutions to common dilemmas and tactical tips for their next talk.  

Seminars longer than 1 hour include group exercises, peer feedback, and laser coaching.

Topics Covered

  • Connecting authentically with audiences
  • Preparation strategies and managing jitters
  • Physical and mental exercises that build confidence
  • Projecting expertise and credibility
  • Storytelling basics

Standard Seminar Format

  • 1 hour, 1.5 hours, or 2 hour sessions
  • 12 - 200 attendees

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