Presentation Skills Large Group Seminar

Starting with the premise that speaking to groups is a natural extension of conversations we have every day, this highly interactive session demystifies the process of public speaking, breaking it down into concepts that are easy to understand with solutions that are simple to implement. 

Paired exercises assure high engagement as well as provide individual feedback on what each attendee can do to improve.

Attendees will be prepared wow their crowd the next time they’re on the spot - whether with a client, leading their team, or sharing their ideas to a wider audience.

Topics Covered

  • How to authentically connect with any audience

  • Tactics to prepare and manage nerves

  • How to deal with filler words and monotone delivery

  • Storytelling basics

  • How to field questions with confidence

Standard Seminar Format

  • 1 hour, 1.5 hours, or 2 hour sessions

  • 12 - 200 attendees

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