Presentation Skills: Comprehensive Training (2 Days)

A strong presentation can be the key to success. This session will not only prepare you to create and deliver effective presentations, you will also learn persuasive strategies and frameworks for impromptu speaking, tactics to answer tough questions, and how to gain and maximize audience attention.

After attending the program, you will be able to:

  • Organize concise, core messages to inform, persuade and move to action

  • Create powerful visual aids that support their central message

  • Engage with your audience and gain their complete attention

  • Recognize ways to demonstrate confidence while presenting, handling impromptu situations and tough questions

  • Understand how to use diverse techniques to deliver impactful presentations/messages on different platforms – audio, video and face to face

Session Format

  • 2 day session

  • Up to 16 attendees

  • Highly Interactive: Attendees will have multiple opportunities to present, be video recorded, and receive insightful feedback.

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