Pause = Credibility


In my leadership and presentation skills workshops, I find people often have a difficult time taking pauses when sharing their expertise before a group. As the person getting the focus of the entire room, taking a pause can initially feel awkward.

Many of us feel that if we’re not speaking every second, the audience will get bored and tune out.

The ironic thing is—taking your time and using pauses will convey that you really ARE the expert—as you’re not worried about trying to prove it.

So, take a breath, pause and truly engage with your audience, making eye contact to see if they’ve received your message. Imagine that there’s a thought bubble that appears after each major thought that asks: “Did you get that?”

This simple concept is one of the biggest takeaways from those attending my sessions. The power of the pause is a simple, yet powerful tool everyone can utilize.

So be wise with how you shape your time with others. Connect authentically. Give them time to process what you’re saying—they’ll be thankful, and you’ll come across as the subject matter expert that you are.