Yoda's Keynote, "Size Matters Not"

Throughout the “Size Matters Not,” keynote Yoda delivers to Mr. Skywalker, Yoda expertly calibrates, his tone, cadence, and volume to deliver a moving speech on the power of perseverance.  In general conversation, Yoda sounds like his favorite snack is gravel by the handful.  With this in mind, he knows when to dip into other registers to highlight some of his key talking points.  Let’s take a closer look and see what Jedi techniques Yoda has up his sleeve.

 “Size matters not…” Roughly speaking, this is Yoda’s natural speaking voice.  Great for gravitas but not so great for clarity, and could use a little more enunciation and less frog phlegm.

“…look at me…” Here Yoda pumps the breaks, slows down and lowers his volume.  Great to add emphasis and allow his audience a relax.

 “…judge me by my SIZE? Do you?” Here, Yoda increases volume and goes into his upper range to add a judicious counterpoint, that cuts to the core question on Mr. Skywalker’s mind.

Notice how much drama Yoda is able to wring out of a single line by adding modulation, inflection and volume.

While Yoda isn’t afraid to pepper his conversation with grunts and farts, he does mercilessly prunes filler words, the 'um's, 'like's and 'uh's, that destroy authority, from his sage insight.

After each sentence, Yoda wields the powerful pause like a lightsaber, cutting his thoughts into neat digestible parcels of information.

To wrap up his rousing talk, he does a brief Q&A, that sums up his thesis brilliantly.

Luke, “I don’t believe it.”

Yoda, “That is why you fail.”

William Smartt

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